The ending of a committed relationship can leave you disoriented and heartbroken. This is expected unless there was nothing there in the first place.Break up can make one feel like theirr world is ending. Both oparties can be full of emotions, and sometimes it can be really hard to know how to move forward. Your first instinct may be to avoid everyone but this may not be the best way to get over a heartache.

Conventional wisdom leads us to believe that you should avoid dating including finding an online date. But new research shows that rebound love could be helpful. Sometimes it’s better to get back out there instead of moping around for someone who probably didn’t deserve you in the first place. Rebounds can help you manage the pain of a breakup and also help you feel less lonely.

There are different types of rebounds. There is the “classic rebound” where you immediately start dating someone new and things get pretty serious fairly fast.

Then there is the “casual rebound” where you lower your standards and hook up with anyone who glances your direction. A rebound can range anywhere in between. If you think a rebound will help you, keep these things in mind and proceed with caution:

– Make sure you do not make any hasty moves that you will regret later – Do not expect your new date to make up for your ex’s shortcomings – Move slowly, you do not want to end up hurting your new date – Make sure you are upfront and honest about your feelings and intentions – Be sure you do not have any unresolved issues from your previous relationship – Practice some self-care so that your new date gets a fresh slate – Keep things positive, try not to bring up your ex at every conversation – Do not act clingy, this could be a good time to reconnect with long lost friends

Rebounding can sometimes have you running towards the opposite direction of your previous relationship. This does not necessarily need to be a bad thing since this could be a way to meet some of your needs. Do not be afraid of a rebound as it can help you move on. If you do decide it is for you, make sure you are honest with yourself and getting into it for the right reasons.

Remember to always stay strong.Breaking up is not easy but a learning curve, makes you stronger.

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