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About us

About us

We are basically a group of Ibo women who are Biafrans, healthcare Professionals, and based in Nigeria, USA and UK respectively.

We all have our common roots. Yes, we do. Our ancestors were Biafrans. We stem from the Ibo Heritage. And we are very proud of our roots.

We all are living in a fast moving world. We are all scattered all over towns, cities, countries and continents. We still maintain our identity and proud of whom we are- regardless of Status and Achievements.We thank God always. We are humble, and will always respect our beautiful and loving culture. We all come from very humble beginnings.

But the African Spirit in us all is floating around, and waiting to bond with individuals who really want to connect  with our Heritage and experience. Perhaps, outside, too

We offer likeminded people the chance to interact, build strong relationships in the community that may lead to finding a friend, soul mate, and may eventually lead to marriage. We would respect everyone’s reason for joining us. We detest scamming here. So ,if you detect this amongst any member here, please alert us immediately. We would, of course, appreciate that a lot.

The site is also open to everyone who identifies and /or would like to identify and embrace our culture, too.

Welcome on board everyone as you join us today. We hope and pray you have a beautiful and a memorable experience here. Let us all make this a time to remember. Please use the links on the front page to spread the word AND tell everyone we are now here to exhale.

Have a natural and warm experience with us all.

Chukwuokike abiama will guide us all.

We love you all .xxx